Part D Premiums by Income

Part D Premiums by Income The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the 2016 Part D IRMAA. The charts below show the Beneficiary’s estimated prescription drug plan monthly premium based on the Beneficiary’s income as reported on the … Read More

Changes in Pennsylvania PACE and PACENET Programs

Pennsylvania PACE and PACENET Programs provide help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) in PA. The recent changes in PACE and PACENET extend the eligibility of these programs to additional beneficiaries. Read below.

Consumer Report tips on cutting your drug costs

The latest issue of Consumer Reports (September 2013) includes a useful article on cutting your drug costs. Here are the major tips on how to save money and still get effective and safe treatment. For more details, review the original … Read More

Getting Low Cost Drug Coverage via Prescription Drug Networks

The recently published post How to Get Low Cost Prescription Insurance Coverage provides a list of guidelines that will help you lower the costs of your prescription drugs. The list, however, does not address the importance of Prescription Drug Networks and your pharmacy choice. Here is … Read More