How much doctors are paid by Medicare?

For the first time in its almost 50-year history, the government has released detailed data about how much doctors are paid by Medicare and what procedures doctors performed. The data only cover Medicare Part B for the year 2012. It … Read More

Health Services not covered by Medicare

Medicare covers most but NOT ALL health services, and does not usually pay 100 percent of the cost even for covered services. Health services not covered by Medicare include (but are not limited) the following:

Medicare Premiums for Higher-Income Beneficiaries

If you have higher income, the law requires from you to pay higher Medicare premiums for both Medicare Part B and Prescription drug coverage.  This affects less than 5 percent of people with Medicare. The post below provides a brief … Read More

Health Saving Account and Obamacare

Can your Obamacare plan be used with a Health Saving Account? What will be an impact of Obamacare on existing Health Saving Accounts? Read below.