Secure Care Hospital Indemnity Plan from Family Life

The Hospital Indemnity Plan from the Family Life Insurance Company, known as Secure Care, is well-known within the category of Hospital Indemnity Plans. It is available in 14 states, three of which are states where Liberty Medicare is active: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

This plan is NOT major medical insurance. It provides benefits for staying in hospitals and for specified medical and surgical events. The plan pays the specified cash for each covered service regardless of the actual cost directly to you. Cash is paid either to you or to your provider if you made a benefit assignment. There are no deductibles.

All benefits are per covered person. There are no medical exams, but there are a limited number of medical questions you need to answer in order to apply. Benefits are available for pre-existing conditions after you’ve been insured under this plan for 12 months.

In addition to the standard hospital and surgical benefits, Secure Care pays for health services such as doctor’s visits, immunizations, and lab work.

Family Life Hospital Indemnity Plan – Secure Care Benefits and Premiums

Secure Care Benefits include:

  • Secure Care Base Plan
    • Surgical and Hospitalization Benefits
    • Internal Cancer & First Occurrence Benefits
  • Outpatient Rider (Optional)
  • Prescription Drug Rider (Optional)

See Tables 1 and 2 for an explanation of Source Care benefits, and examples of premiums.

Category Benefits Description
BASE PLAN – SURGICAL AND HOSPITALIZATION BENEFITS Inpatient Hospital Confinement Choose from $500 to $3,000 per day plus $600 First Day Hospital Admission Benefits – One time per calendar year. Limit of $200,000 per calendar year for all inpatient confinements.
Intensive Care $1,000 additional Intensive Care benefit limit of 10 days per calendar year.
Surgery Includes surgical benefits for both inpatient and outpatient surgery paid at the scheduled benefit amount. Choose 1.0 or 1.5 units. $50,000 calendar year Surgical maximum.
Anesthesia 20% of the Surgical Benefit
Assistant Surgeon 20% of the Surgical Benefit
Ground and Air Ambulance $200 for ground transportation; $2,000 for air transportation. Limit of 2 one-way trips per calendar year for all ambulance transportation.
ER or Urgent Care $300 ER or Urgent Care per calendar year.
BASE PLAN – INTERNAL CANCER AND FIRST OCCURRENCE Internal Cancer Pays a monthly benefit of $500 for six months for a positive diagnosis of any type of internal cancer.
First Occurrence
  • $5,000 for the first 5 years the policy is in force for Internal Cancer, Coma, End Stage Renal failure, or Paralysis. $10,000 for policy years 6 and up.
  • Pays 505 of the above benefit for Coronary Artery B–Pass Surgery, Major Human Organ Transplant, Stroke, or Heart Attack.
  • $50 per office visit
  • Provides 6 visits per calendar year
Allergy Shots and Immunizations for Insured Children Only
  • The child receives $20 per immunization
  • The child receives $10 per allergy shot
  • $100 per calendar year limit for all allergy shots and immunizations
Outpatient Medical benefits Laboratory Services:

  • $100 per surgical pathology test
  • $25 per laboratory service, excluding surgical pathology

Radiology Services:

  • $100 per mammogram
  • $250 per MRI scan
  • $25 per other radiology services, including X-ray and ultrasound
  • $200 per CT scan
  • $250 per PET scan
  • $25 per physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy service

$1,500 per calendar year limit for all outpatient events.

  • $10 for Generic
  • $25 for Name Brand

$750 calendar year maximum

Table 1. Secure Care Benefits


  Age Group
Insured Benefit Package 18-29 30-39 40-49 50-64
Individual Base Plan 122.83 149.17 187.73 262.51
Outpatient Rider 11.23 13.52 16.49 21.15
Prescription Drug Rider 16.37 19.72 24.05 30.84
Individual and Spouse Base Plan 245.66 298.34 375.46 525.02
Outpatient Rider 22.46 27.04 32.98 42.30
Prescription Drug Rider 32.74 39.44 48.10 61.68
Family Base Plan 418.49 471.17 548.29 697.85
Outpatient Rider 42.90 47.48 53.42 62.74
Prescription Drug Rider 79.05 85.75 94.41 107.99

Table 2. Secure Care Premiums

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