How to Apply for Obamacare Without Using the Federal Website

There are several ways of how to apply for Obamacare: online, in person, by phone, or by sending paper application. The most convenient way is naturally using the website: for the Federally Facilitated Marketplace. Unfortunately multiple crashes and long delays made the website practically unusable.  The problems probably will be fixed in the next couple months, but it may be a small consolation for people who have been notified that their existing plans are going away. For them the immediate action is needed, and here we’ll suggest a workaround for how to apply for Obamacare in Federal Marketplace until the Federally Facilitated Marketplace website will be fully functional.

How to Apply for Obamacare / Sending Paper Applications

We do not recommend sending a paper application for processing because delays in processing may exclude you from 01/10/2014 effective date.

How to Apply for Obamacare / Over-the-Phone Application

This seems to be the only acceptable solution today. The phone application is accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Government Help Center. The phone interview lasts from 40 min to 1 hour. In 1-2 weeks you’ll get a response telling you whether you are eligible to participate in the Federal Marketplace and what kind of subsidies you are entitled to. Only after that you’ll be able to review the available in your area Obamacare plans and enroll in one of them.

How Liberty Medicare can Help you with Over-the-Phone Application

Liberty Medicare can help you in one of several ways:

  • We’ll send you Single or Family application having all the required information at your fingertips necessary to apply for Obamacare over the phone. Be sure to read the application carefully, and have all information required for submitting the application.
  • If needed we may schedule a phone conference with you in order to have a 3-way call to Health Insurance Marketplace (HIM).
  • We will be able to assist you in your Qualified Health Plan (QHP) choices once they are received

Liberty Medicare and Obamacare

Liberty Medicare is here to help you learn about Marketplaces and assist with eligibility determination for enrollment in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) and for insurance affordability programs, which include Medicaid, CHIP, premium tax credit, and cost-sharing reductions. We will help you to compare plans, and enroll in coverage. All of our services are offered to you at no cost.

We are a bilingual Russian English agency and will provide all the help you need in your native language.

Liberty Medicare plans to represent many well-known Health Insurance Marketplace providers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, as well as in other states: Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, and Texas. Learn more about all of the benefits of working with Liberty Medicare.

If you are considering buying insurance in the Health Insurance Marketplace, let us guide you. To see real quotes from insurance providers, visit our Health Insurance Marketplace Quotes or give us a call at 877-657-7477.

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