Medicare Supplement Household Discount

You may be entitled to the Medicare Supplement household discount if the state where you live allows the discount and the Medicare Supplement vendor whose policy you are using offers the discount. Most states do allow the Medicare Supplement household discount. The typical discount is 5 to 7%. The vendor offering the household discount is state specific; a company offering the discount in one state may or may not offer it in other states.

There are 2 types of household discounts available. Read below.

Standard Medicare Supplement Household Discount

Most vendors use the standard model for a Medicare Supplement household discount. In this model, individuals who reside together or a married couple are eligible for discount if:

  • Either both of them apply for the Medigap policy together, or
  • Only one individual applies, and the other is already enrolled in the Medigap plan with the same company.

New Medicare Supplement Household Discount

Recently, some Medicare Supplement vendors began to use the new model for a Medicare Supplement household discount. So far there are few such vendors, but their number is growing.

What makes this Household Discount model different?

  • No marriage or relationship requirement
  • The other household resident does NOT have to apply for coverage

The second point is particularly important. It allows eligibility for a household discount just because you reside with another person, rather than the other person being required to have a Medicare Supplement policy with your insurance company.

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