Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange and Liberty Medicare

Health Insurance Exchange is a critical component the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. These marketplaces, also known as exchanges, will serve as online marketplaces where people can buy health insurance. They will be operational starting October 1, 2013. Agents and brokers will be permitted to assist in selling individual and small group health insurance policies on and off exchanges. In order to participate in the process, agents and brokers must follow specific steps and engage in online training.  Brokers and agents have been successfully assisting the public in navigating and purchasing health insurance policies. Liberty Medicare, as an independent insurance agency, is not employed by any specific insurance company. Rather, it represents a wide variety of carriers. This allows us to work honestly for our clients by comparing numerous plans and selecting the one that is BEST for YOU.

Naturally, in addition to our major role of selling qualified health plans (QHPs) to individual and small businesses through the Marketplace, we plan to support all functions defined by Obamacare for the navigator’s role:

  • conduct public education activities
  • distribute information about marketplaces and QHP plans
  • facilitate enrollment in QHPs
  • answer questions and provide referrals to appropriate state agencies
  • provide information in a manner that is culturally and linguistically appropriate

Liberty Medicare intends to be an active participant in health insurance exchanges for the eight states where our services are offered: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. As the first step, we made a decision to present Obamacare fundamentals on our website, and keep our readers in tune with health care reform by periodically publishing posts covering news and specific aspects of Obamacare. Below are Obamacare materials you may find now on our website.

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Health Insurance Marketplace

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Obamacare by States

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Obamacare and Medicare

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Obamacare Enrollment Periods

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