The Role of Agents in the Health Insurance Marketplace

Starting October 1, 2013 consumers will be able to choose new affordable health insurance plans through a Health Insurance Marketplace. Consumers can get help either through Navigators or Assistors, or through Agents and Brokers. This post describes the role of agents in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The Role of Navigators and Assistants

Navigators and Assistants will provide information concerning qualification for premium credits and will help you to walk through the Exchange. However, because they do not have an insurance license, they cannot give you any advice on plan options or coverage offered by different carriers.

The Role of Agents in the Health Insurance Marketplace

The role of Agents and Brokers in Marketplace is defined by CMS as follows:

“CMS expects agents and brokers to play a key role in the new Marketplaces. To the extent permitted by states, agents and brokers will play an important role in educating consumers about Marketplaces and insurance affordability programs, and in helping consumers receive eligibility determinations, apply for premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions, compare plans, and enroll in coverage. In particular, CMS anticipates that agents and brokers will play a critical role in helping qualified employers and employees enroll in coverage through the Small Business Health Options Programs (SHOPs). We anticipate that many consumers will want to obtain professional advice from agents and brokers when applying for and selecting a qualified health plan.”  (The last sentence was made bold by the author).

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