How to Select a Medicare Supplement insurance company

To select a Medicare Supplement insurance company, you should follow the steps below:

  • Confirm that the company is licensed in your state, and is selling the Medigap plan you are looking for (including ‘high deductible’ or SELECT plans).
  • If you are not within the Medigap Open Enrollment Period and do not have Guaranteed Issue Rights, check what your chances are to be approved by the insurance company for a Medigap policy.
  • Confirm the Medigap premium for your age and location.
  • Find the premium rate increase history (if available).
  • Check the insurance company’s record of complaints.
  • Check the insurance company’s financial stability rating (AM Rate).

All Medigap plans are standardized, i.e. any particular Medigap Plan is identical from one company to another in terms of benefits, claim processing, claim decisions and doctor’s network. The major difference is the premium – it may be quite different from carrier to carrier.

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