Getting Started

UPDATED Jan. 15, 2023.  Section Getting Started helps you to understand Medicare Basics.  People who are new to Medicare either because they are turning 65 or because of disability will benefit from it.  You’ll find here not only the traditional Medicare information but also plenty of important details and tips rarely available elsewhere. Many of your Medicare questions are answered here.

Getting Started - Medicare 101

Section Contents

Understanding Medicare Basics

Medicare 101. Original Medicare as well as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D.

How does Medicare interact with other health insurances?

Answers to the Frequently asked Medicare Questions.

Medicare Eligibility

Medicare Eligibility Requirements for Part A and Part B, as well as for other Medicare plans.

Turning 65 & Enrolling to Medicare

Medicare Enrollment – When and How; Medicare Enrollment Periods.

Turning 65 and getting Medicare: Decision-making steps

Medicare Under 65

Medicare under 65 due to disability

Help with Medical and Drug Costs

Medicare Assistance Programs providing help with medical and drug costs.

Medicare Glossary

Medicare Glossary and Definition of Health Care Terms