Medigap Plan D (Medicare Supplement Plan D)

Medigap Plan D, also known as Medicare Supplement Plan D, covers all Medicare ‘gaps’ except for Medicare Part B Deductible and Medicare Part B Excess Charges. Just as with all Medigap plans, the Medicare Supplement Plan D is standardized, i.e., plan’s benefits from one insurance company are identical with those from any other company. However, Plan D premiums will significantlly vary.

Only selected Medicare Supplement insurance companies offer Medigap Plan D.

Medicare Supplement Plan D benefits include:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance – additional 365 days of hospitalization coverage.
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance (usually 20% of outpatient costs) or copayment (hospital outpatient services).
  • Blood: The first 3 pints of blood each year.
  • Hospice Care: Coinsurance/copayment (Part A).
  • Skilled Nursing coinsurance (20% that Medicare does not pay for).
  • Part A Deductible – $1,340 for each benefit period in the year 2018.
  • Medicare Part B Excess Charges: the difference between what the doctor or provider charges versus the amount that Medicare will pay.
  • Foreign Travel Emergency

Medicare Supplement Plan D benefits do NOT include:

  • Part B Deductible – $183 per year in the year 2018.
  • Medicare Part B Excess Charges, which is the amount that a doctor may charge above the Medicare-approved amount.

When is Medigap Plan D the right choice?

Medigap Plan D is identical to Medigap Plan C, with the exception that it does not cover Medicare Part B deductible. As long as the difference between plan C and plan D premiums exceeds the Part B deductible, it makes the most sense to go with Plan D.

Historically, annual premium increases of Medigap Plan C are higher versus Medigap Plan D. One of the reasons for this is that Plan D is NOT on the list of Medigap plans that may be purchased under Guaranteed Issue Rights. Therefore, people having a Plan D are in general healthier in comparison to those people that have a Plan C.

Medigap Plan D is identical to Medigap Plan G, with the exception that it does not include Medicare Part B excess charges. In states where Excess Charges are illegal, such as Pennsylvania and Ohio, there is no reason to buy the more expensive Plan G; instead, Plan D will suit your needs. Since 99% of doctors accept Medicare Assignments, the need to cover Excess Charges is very small even in States where they are acceptable.

Use Medigap Plan D (if available) when you want to save money:

  • On Medigap Plan G by removing its Extra Charge coverage.
  • On Medigap Plan C when the savings in premium between Plans C and D justifies removing Medicare Part B deductible from the benefits.

Let Liberty Medicare Help you Choose

With 10 Standardized Medicare Supplement plans made available, it becomes a difficult task when selecting the ideal plan. Not all Medigap providers carry all of these plans, and the difference in premiums for the same type of plan among different vendors may be quite substantial.

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