Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans

UPDATED Oct. 25, 2023.   There are 10 Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans. Each plan has a designated letter (Plan A, Plan B, etc.) along with a specific set of primary and extra benefits. Standardized in this case means that any plan bought from one insurance company is identical to the same plan purchased from any other insurance company. In particular, Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans have common standards in:

  • Medigap Benefits: All insurance companies have the same benefits for any specific plan
  • Claim Processing: Claims are processed electronically by all companies
  • Claims Decisions: All claim decisions are made by Medicare, not by the Medigap insurance company
  • Doctor’s Network: Any doctor accepting Medicare will accept your Medigap plan

Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans – Comparison Chart

Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans - Comparison Chart

Notice that Plans C, F, and F High-Deductible are NOT available to people who are newly eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020. Learn more from What are Medicare Supplement Changes in 2020?

Here is the partial list of Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans. It is considered in more details below. The list includes the basic plan (Plan A) and other often used plans:

Do you need help choosing the right plan for you? Find an easy, side-by-side comparison by visiting How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans – 2024.

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