Hospital Indemnity Plans & Short Term Health Plans (NOT USED)

Indemnity plans give you the freedom to go to any doctor or specialist. Here is a review of the two types of indemnity plans which include: Hospital Indemnity Plans and Short Term Health Plans.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

The Hospital Indemnity Plan is NOT a comprehensive major medical plan. These plans include benefits for hospital confinement and specified medical and surgical events. Such plan pays you the specified cash amount for each covered service, regardless of what the provider charges you. Cash benefits are paid directly to you and may be used for any purpose. Normally, there is no deductible with the Hospital Indemnity Plan.

Hospital Indemnity Plan Benefits

  • Daily hospital benefits
  • Hospital admission benefits
  • Surgical benefits- inpatient and outpatient
  • Emergency room and Urgent care benefits

Benefits for room and board are on a per-day dollar amount basis; benefits for surgery use the surgical schedule and include the maximum benefit allowed. Most plans have limits on the maximum benefits per calendar year, and maximum lifetime benefit.

Preexisting Conditions

Many policies include limitations on preexisting medical conditions. For example, benefits are not paid until you have a policy for 12 months. Some policies include an elimination period, i.e. benefits are paid ONLY after you have been hospitalized for a number of days

Optional Riders

Optional riders are often available; for example, Outpatient Rider that includes doctor’s visits, and Prescription Drug Rider

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Short Term Health Plans

A Short Term Health Insurance Plan is a temporary solution to a short-term insurance gap. Most plans are for one to eleven months, and can be renewed for 3 years. It works like an indemnity plans, i.e. you may visit ANY doctor or specialist. (Many insurance companies have their own network; there are substantial savings for staying within the network). Since there is low-risk of the short-term policy holders for insurance providers, premiums are relatively low.

Short Term Health Plan Benefits

Benefits are wide ranging and include surgery, hospital care, emergency services, diagnostic tests, and prescription drugs. Doctor’s visits may also be included.

Preexisting Conditions

Short Term Health Plans do not cover pre-existing conditions (defined as conditions within 3 years before coverage has begun). They also have a list of limitations and exclusions that you should become familiar with.

If you’ve filed a claim under existing policy your policy may NOT be renewed, but another policy may be suggested.


Deductible are either per-injury (per-illness) or for the selected time period (term).

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