How is important Medicare Supplement Insurance Company Rating?

A.M. Best Company publishes financial strength ratings of insurance companies. This is an important consideration for other insurances, but is much less of a factor when selecting a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance company. Normally, well-known insurance companies have better ratings than less-known companies. Most Medigap companies are not very well-known. Often their Medicare Supplement Insurance Company Rating is B or B+ (rather than A). This should not be a factor in deciding which Medigap company to choose for two reasons:

  • The probability of financial failure for any of the insurance companies is very low|
  • Even if the company goes out of business (which is very improbable), Medicare states that you are entitled for the Guaranteed Issue Period. It guarantees you the right to buy a Medigap policy with another company without medical underwriting, i.e. no health questions will be asked.

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