Medicare Star Ratings 2013 – 5 Star Medicare Plans

Medicare star ratings provide an overall plan summary score for Medicare Health Plans: Advantage Plans with or without drugs (MAPD and MA) and for stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans (PDP). It became a powerful stimulus for high-performance plans through the star rating bonuses and 5-star Special Enrollment Period. It also serves as a great value for comparing Medicare plans.  Medicare star ratings are published in the fall of every year making Medicare 5 star plans for the next year available (i.e. plans with Medicare 5 star rating).  The post below reviews Medicare Star Ratings 2013 and presents a list of 5 Star Medicare Plans 2013 for all states.

Medicare Star Ratings 2013 – Statistics

The CMS Report has been released in October 2012, just before the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). It provides the following valuable data about Medicare health plans:

  • There is a 20% increase in the number of 4.5 and 5 stars Medicare Advantage plans in 2013.
  • Less than 10% of all possible Medicare Advantage plans have the “excellent” 5-stars rating. 10% of MA and MAPD plans received 4.5 stars.
  • Only 10% of Medicare Advantage plans have ratings below 3%.
  • Just over 5% of PDPs received 5 stars and another 5% received 4.5 stars.

According to CMS:

  • Medicare beneficiaries in 2013 will have access to 127 four or five-star Medicare Advantage plans (MA and MAPD). These plans will serve 37% enrollees. The corresponding 2012 numbers are: 106 four or five-star Medicare Advantage plans serving 28% of enrollees.
  • Medicare beneficiaries in 2013 will have access to 26 four or five-star PDP. These plans will serve 18% enrollees. Compare it with 2012 numbers: 13 four or five-star PDP and 9% of enrollees.

5 Star Medicare Plans 2013

The table below was built based on the above CMS Report.  It shows all Medicare Advantage 5-star vendors in the states where such providers exist.  Each provider normally offers many plans for multiple counties within a state. Vendors offering only plans without Prescription Drugs are marked as “MA Only.”

State Organization Name No Part D?
California Kaiser Permanente  
Colorado Kaiser Permanente  
Hawaii Kaiser Permanente  
Illinois Medical Associates Health Plan, Inc.  MA Only
Iowa Medical Associates Health Plan, Inc.  MA Only
Gundersen Lutheran Health Plan, Inc.  
Maryland Kaiser Permanente  
Massachusetts HNE Medicare Advantage Plans  
Minnesota Health Partners  
Ohio Kaiser Permanente  
Oregon Kaiser Permanente  
Virginia Kaiser Permanente  
Washington Kaiser Permanente  
Group Health Cooperative  
Wisconsin HealthPartners  
Humana Wisconsin Health Organization  
Dean Health Plan, Inc. MA Only
Medical Associates Clinic Health Plan of Wisconsin MA Only
Gundersen Lutheran Health Plan, Inc.  


As you may see from this table some states have multiple 5-star plans, others have none. Kaiser Permanente is the Medicare Provider with the most 5-star plans.

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