Library of Medicare in Russian (for our Russian Readers)

It is quite important to provide basic of Medicare for people whose native language is different from English. For convenience of our many readers, Liberty Medicare provides the information on Medicare in Russian language in the form of Medicare Library.

Library of Medicare in Russian

We’ve published recently in local newspapers several short but informative articles on different aspects of Medicare in Russian. Readers found them very useful, and many of them became our clients. Therefore, we’ve decided to publish them on the Liberty Medicare website.

There are five articles in Library of Medicare (in Russian):

  1. Turning 65
  2. Medicare and Annual Enrollment Period-2018
  3. Medicare and Medicare Supplement
  4. Part D and Extra Help
  5. Medicaid and Extra Benefits

В Библиотеке Medicare пять статей:

  1. Вам исполняется 65 лет? Руководство для Medicare.
  2. Как улучшить Ваш Medicare в 2018 году, используя Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)?
  3. Medicare и Medicare Supplement от 25 ведущих страховых компаний.
  4. Medicare: Как уменьшить Ваши расходы на лекарства?
  5. Как получить дополнительные льготы для пенсионеров с MEDICAID или с низким доходом?

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