Consumer Report tips on cutting drug costs

Consumer Report tips on cutting drug costs

The latest issue of Consumer Reports (September 2013) includes a useful article on cutting drug costs. Here are the major tips on how to save money and still get effective and safe treatment. For more details, review the original article – Surprising ways to cut your drug costs.

  • Try an over-the-counter (OTC) drugs for some health problems
  • Skip OTCs drugs for other problems
  • Don’t automatically use your insurance
    • Many commonly used generic medications can be purchased less expensively in major chain drug stores
  • Take advantage of the new health care law (Obamacare)
    • Because young adults may now remain of their parents’ health plans until they turn 26, their drug costs will be reduced
    • Cheaper drugs for Medicare Part D
    • Free preventive care
    • No more annual or lifetime limits on your coverage
  • Be aware of formulary changes
  • Ask for the lowest available price
  • Use your insurer’s preferred pharmacy or mail-order service
  • Use step therapy
    • Try less-expensive treatments at first to see whether they help before turning to more expensive options
  • Take fewer drugs


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