Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan: What Questions Should you Ask?

Here are several questions you should ask when choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Advantage Costs

  • What is the monthly premium (in addition to Part B premium)?
  • What is the annual deductible?
  • What are the copayments for:
    – Doctor visits (PCP, Specialist)?
    – Hospital Services?
    – Home Health Care?
    – Skilled Nursing Care?
    – Emergency Care?
  • Does the plan pay a maximum amount for certain services? If so, which services?
  • What is a total annual maximum of out-of-pocket costs?

Medicare Advantage Network and Access to Doctors

  • Is my Primary Care Physician (PCP) within the network?
  • Are local hospitals within the network?
  • How extensive is the list of network specialists? Are they conveniently located near me?
  • Is a referral required to see a specialist?
  • What is the payment for seeing a doctor outside of the network?
  • What happens if the plan does not have the type of specialist I need?
  • How is the lab work done? What is the copayment/ coinsurance?

Extra Benefits for Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Hearing benefits?
  • Dental benefits?
  • A wellness program?
  • Other?

Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) as a part of Medicare Advantage

  • Is Part D available?
  • Will my current prescription be covered? At what cost?
  • How are generic drugs covered? Brand-name drugs? “Specialty” drugs?
  • What is the copayment for prescriptions?
  • Is there any prescription coverage during the doughnut hole? If so, which one?
  • May I use a regular pharmacy?
  • May I use a mail-order pharmacy?

Medicare Advantage Plan Quality

  • What kind of quality is offered in regards to the plan’s customer service?
    – When are phone services are available?
    – Who answers the phone and how long is the wait time?
    – How friendly and helpful is the phone support?
  • What is the plan’s star rating?

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