Medicare Preventive Services – 2019

Medicare Preventive Services

Preventive care is care you receive to prevent illness, detect medical conditions, and keep you healthy. Medicare Part B covers many preventive services, such as screenings, vaccines, and counseling. You may use these services, if you meet the eligibility requirements. This is true for Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Preventive Services are now covered more than ever. As the new services are added, Medicare coverage of preventive services may change at any time. The table of Medicare preventive services is shown below. Some of the services are free, meaning that neither copays nor deductibles are required. (Cells of those services are empty). Other services require either a copay or both copay and deductible.

Medicare Preventive Services

# Medicare-covered Preventive Service Doctor’s Copay Hospital Copay Is Part B Annual Deductible Applied?
1 Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
2 Alcohol misuse screening and counseling
3 Bone mass measurement
4 Cardiovascular disease screenings
5 Cervical and vaginal cancer screening
6 Colorectal cancer screenings / Colonoscopy 20% (if a polyp is found and removed) YES (if a polyp is found and removed) YES
7 Depression screening
8 Diabetes screenings
9 Diabetes self-management training 20% YES
10 Glaucoma tests 20% YES
11 Hepatitis B Virus infection screening
12 Hepatitis C screening test
13 HIV screening
14 Lung cancer screening
15 Mammograms (screening)
16 Mammograms (diagnostics) 20% YES
17 Nutrition therapy services
18 Obesity screening and counseling
19 One-time “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit
20 Pneumococcal shot
21 Prostate cancer screenings 20% YES YES
22 Sexually transmitted infections screening and counseling (NEW)
23 Shots / Flu shots
24 Shots / Hepatitis B shots
25 Shots / Pneumococcal shots
26 Tobacco use cessation counseling
27 Yearly “Wellnesss” visit

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