The Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Pennsylvania – 2017

The Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Pennsylvania

Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap Plans) serve the purpose of filling gaps in Parts A and B of Original Medicare. All Medigap plans are standardized and sold by private insurance companies. There are 10 plans, designated by the letters “A” through “N”. Each letter defines a plan’s benefits. Plans are standardized, which means any plan from one insurance vendor has benefits identical to the benefits of the same plan from any other vendor. The difference is just a premium; and it may be significantly different from company to company. That is why knowing about Medigap vendors with the lowest premiums may be of great value to our readers. We would like to share with you the best Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Rates.

Medigap Plan F is the most popular plan. It covers all Original Medicare gaps and is offered by most vendors. You also may find other plans competitive with Plan F, such as Plan C or Plan G, but they are offered by a limited number of Medigap providers. Recently, Medigap Plan N became quite popular. It has lower premium but requires copayments for visits to doctors and emergency rooms.

The Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Pennsylvania – Hidden Gems

There are about 30 Medigap vendors in the state of Pennsylvania. The list of Liberty Medicare Medigap carriers is more than half of that. We only deal with highly respected companies. Only three of our providers have AM Ratings B+ and B++; the rest has ratings A-, A, and A+.

The world of Medigap providers includes some well known names, such as AARP, Mutual of Omaha, Independence Blue Cross and Humana. Some of them may have attractive rates in Pennsylvania, others often offer premiums outside of the reasonable price range. Recently, some other well known companies, such as Transamerica Premier Life, Aetna Health and Life and Cigna Medicare Supplement, reduced their original Medigap premiums for many plans and now are very competitive in Pennsylvania.

But most companies are smaller and less known, and they often provide real Medigap plans bargains. Have you heard of the companies Thrivent FInancial (rating A++) and Manhattan Life (rating B+)? They provide one of the best Medicare Supplement Rates in many parts of Pennsylvania. And, as we’ve mentioned above, the premium is the only real difference in the world of standardized Medigap plans. And what about companies such as KSKJ Life and Greek Catholic Union? They are very competitive in specific geographical areas for selected Medigap plan types.

Whether you live in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Northeastern, Central, or Southeastern Pennsylvania), please contact us if you need help selecting and enrolling in Medigap Plans. Use our very extensive list of Medigap carriers, and find a reputable vendor with the most affordable rate.

For more information, read Compare Medicare Supplement Plans and How to Find Affordable Medicare Supplement Plans. For specific Medigap regulations in Pennsylvania, read Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Plans.

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